Mobile Application Penetration Testing

People are increasingly becoming dependent on smartphones, thanks to mobile applications making lives simpler than ever. Every industry, big and small business, and service are relying on mobile apps to enhance customer experience and ease of access.

With mobile phones flooded with apps, security risks remain out of users’ awareness. Mobile apps untested for bugs and vulnerabilities can pose serious risks and losses to the users.
Penetration testing is one way to avoid these risks and keep clients and businesses protected.

Mobile application penetration testing provides additional protection by allowing the removal of any defects in the system that require prompt fixing. With CyberUnison’s suite of tools used for pen testing, the applications are thoroughly assessed for any flaws before they are released for production or for users.

Our team of professionals is highly qualified to detect and address various vulnerabilities in different kinds of apps, perform different types of pen testing and categorize vulnerabilities at different levels.


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