Security Operations Centre (SOC)



In today’s digital world, security is a major concern for both small and large companies alike. On a daily basis, organizations face an increasing number of ransomware and other cyber-attacks. Unless they are equipped with the proper range of security defense products, they have a significantly high chance of falling victim to an attack deployed by a cyber-criminal. A Security Operations Centre is the best defense against such an attack.

Organizations will usually attempt to establish their own security operations center, however, the costs of doing so are incredibly high and out of reach for most companies. Additionally, a fully functional security operations center requires dedicated and experienced professionals to operate and maintain it around the clock. Organizations that choose not to, or are unable to make this commitment, instead can still choose to remain protected against these threats by making use of a security operations center service provider like CyberUnison.

What Is a Security Operations Center

A security operations center is one of the most interesting places in the IT space. Everything related to security takes place in the security operations center. The primary goal of a security operations center is to identify and avert any attacks on the organization. Companies can either have their own security operations center or get the service from a provider like CyberUnison.

Every minute, there can be thousands of events happening in a company network. Everything from an employee’s mobile device at work to the main servers will be active with sensitive company information. A security operations center collects all this information. All the events in the organization will be classified as a threat or normal at a security operations center.

Getting even a single false negative can disrupt the entire network in a matter of minutes. With the evolution of technology, monitoring all these events became an impossible task for any manual workforce. Security operations centers use Security Incident and Event Management tools, or SIEM tools, to monitor the events and flag potentially harmful ones.

Security operations centers usually work around the clock since it is essential to monitor traffic at all times.

Security Operations Centers Services

Data Protection

Data protection is one of the biggest concerns in today’s markets. Every organization is at a bigger risk of losing data without a security operations center. A security operations center controls who or what accesses the data and from where. It allows an organization to have granular control over what data is allowed to, or not allowed to, enter, or exit the network and its end point devices.

Data does not come easy to organizations and maintaining a security operations center is one of the first steps you need to take to protect that data

Attack Preparation and Prevention

As the saying goes, “Every system is unhackable until it’s hacked.” A security operations center ensures that the attack surface of an organization is reduced considerably to minimize the impact of any unwanted external penetration. Such reductions can only truly be possible if the security operations center team is properly equipped and prepared to handle the threats and incidents that it may face. In most cases, a security operations center is the first and the last line of defense for every organization.

Attacks can also be reduced by keeping network systems up to date, as well as monitoring and resolving of all critical security flaws detected as present. Usually, product manufacturers will release patches to help resolve such flaws, but unless managed and deployed properly, these patches can leave your network extremely vulnerable and weak to anyone who wishes to gain access to your network or it’s data.

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of the organization is another critical task of a security operations center. The specialist hardware and software tools used within a security operations center run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to ensure that no incident goes unnoticed. Good, or bad, every action is tracked, monitored, recorded, categorized and then dealt with accordingly. Given the billions of events that would typically occur over a 365 day period on any network, or even singular end point device, true resilient network monitoring and cyber hygiene would not be possible without a dedicated security operations center.

Response, Recovery, Remediation

Not every attack is preventable or even predictable. A security operations center is usually equipped to not just reduce the risk of a successful breach occurring, but also efficiently deal with the consequences of any actual incident. The response could range from the sanitization of a single file on a single end point device or may even include initiating a complete lockdown of the organizational networks. Recovery is the process through which a security operations center tries to recover from an incident in order to restore the network to a functional and secure state. Finally, the security operations center follows remediation steps to ensure that the likelihood of any event occurring again in the future is also significantly reduced.


Benefits of Having a Security Operations Center

There are immense benefits of receiving services from a security operations center.


Setting up your own security operations center requires an enormous amount of capital investment, on-going operational expenditure, and involves specialist and complex training processes. Finding the budget to build and operate a security operations center, and in addition find and retain the personnel to work within it, is a very large commitment for any organization. However, any organization that may wish to enjoy the benefits that a security operations center can bring them, without the cost and administrative burden, can do so quite easily by using a security operations center service provider like CyberUnison.


With the modern digital world the way it is, a security operations center is a necessity for any company operating within proximity to the internet. Not maintaining a sound and robust security posture by implementing the type of systems that a security operations center deploys, can be catastrophic for any organization in terms of digital exposure and security. Given the ever-increasing volume of data sent and received by any single endpoint device or network these days, the need for anyone to use the services of a security operations center like the one run by Cyber Unison has never been greater.

Eliminating the Errors

A hardware device or software application deployed to maintain network or end point security is the one place where a company cannot afford for an error to occur. Even a minor error or oversight by any machine or human operator can significantly compromise an organization’s security posture and put its operations at risk. The likelihood of simple errors occurring, such as missing just one event that occurs on a network at any point in time among millions, is astronomically reduced by deploying sophisticated, purpose-built, machine-driven state-of-the-art technology. This type of technology is only available from security operations center service providers like CyberUnison unless you have your own security operations center.


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