Secure Storage & Backup Solutions


More often than not, years of recorded data is stored on organization databases. The rise of malicious hacking, malware, and other forms of cybercrimes have left companies and organizations vulnerable to losing massive amounts of data. As a result, secure storage and backup solutions have become vital, especially if enterprises are dealing with sensitive or confidential data.

Though mundane and time-consuming, backing up data is a crucial process for any organization. Especially as part of a successful disaster recovery plan in the event of the original data being lost or destroyed. The common issues faced during backup are free space running out, verification and validation of backups, job failures, etc.

Data has become a critical asset for companies, enhancing their level of service. With copious amounts of data being created and processed every second, storage and backup solutions have rapidly evolved as well. From tapes and hard drives to cloud storage, storage technology has undergone a radical transformation.

At CyberUnison, we work with our clients to go beyond software and storage and understand their unique needs. We document your business requirements and deliver a complete and robust solution suited to your storage and backup needs. From small businesses to enterprises, we’ve got storage solutions architectured to cover virtually any workload and budget.

Our expert IT consultants are available for constant monitoring and verification and validation of scheduled backups. Our storage and backup solution features instant access to on-demand backup storage, tape rotations management, backup software, backups delivered as off-site or cloud-based storage, and much more.


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