Secure Internet and Telephony Solutions


Security has become a major concern for organizations, both big and small. Plain Old Telephone Systems (POTS) have become exceedingly vulnerable to eavesdropping and disruptions. They can be easily intercepted by attackers.

Confidential account information, health records, payment card data, and a treasure trove of data are at risk of getting exposed via hacked phone systems. Voicemails have also been hacked to expose private business information, trade secrets, and celebrity secrets.

Companies and businesses are flocking over to internet telephony not only to save IT and communication expenses but also for flexibility and security. While no phone system is bulletproof, secure internet telephony and VoIP offer some resilience to security threats.

Cloud- based phone systems are portable, low-cost, flexible, have excellent voice quality, and are constantly evolving to mitigate security issues as and when they occur.

With security becoming a need in business voice communications, CyberUnison offers secure internet and telephony solutions. To reduce the security risks associated with VoIP, we ensure added security over the network to secure every incoming and outgoing call of the organization. We protect your voice systems through firewall and IPS, locked voice servers, and regular OS updates. We also segregate voice and data traffic and encrypt sensitive voice traffic.

Your VoIP system security will be ensured through implementation and compliance with security protocols. Our solutions are affordable, dependable, and scalable. You don’t want to take chances when it comes to the security of your internet and telephony networks, which is why we have got accredited and experienced professionals to assist you.


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