Secure Hardware Solutions


The proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) industry has directed the focus towards hardware security. IoT technology, with all its opportunities for technological development, artificial intelligence, and remote functioning, is a double-edged sword. Cybercriminals have also found an opportunity for DDoS attacks, data theft, network breaching, etc. with the rise of IoT devices.

Although most people and businesses own various digital devices, few are aware of their security weaknesses. Overlooked and poorly understood design issues and hardware security can lead to significant risks to user data and safety and a business’s reputation. CyberUnison’s secure hardware solutions take a holistic approach to security by reviewing the entire product ecosystem.

Our team distinguishes itself with not just an extensive experience of hardware security but also with software security consulting. A deep understanding of the convergence between hardware and software is essential to ensure the security of integrated products.

We deliver on-time and budget-friendly solutions, scanning the hardware from chip to application code to find vulnerabilities. Our experts can help you identify weaknesses within the product before damage is done. Our wide range of device testing methods involves embedded device testing, firmware security testing, wireless security testing, infrastructure testing, and much more.

We believe in a multi-layered approach to security to identify vulnerabilities at all levels. Our security threat analysis includes secure boot, access control, device authentication, firewall, and packet inspection, and updating processes. We deliver a well-rounded and comprehensive security analysis of hardware systems and also offer protection strategies.


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