Secure Data Solutions


The news these days is flooded with events of data breaches, malicious hacking, and other cybercrimes. This makes data security critical for your organization’s IT ecosystem. Apart from the legal and moral obligation of companies to secure their client’s data, they also run the reputational risk of a publicized, high-profile data breach or hack.

The financial and logistical consequences of a data breach are great, not to mention the loss of time and capital incurred by organizations facing a cyber attack. To avoid all these damages, companies need effective data security solutions. That’s where CyberUnison comes in!

Our experienced, determined, and solution-oriented technology consultants provide secure data services that take into account the sensitivity of various datasets and the regulatory compliance requirements.

Our client-focused, stability-based, and high-performance approach to data security solutions will keep hackers at bay.

Your data is our primary focus and your safety is our priority. We will consistently collect and analyze on-premise and cloud activity on your organization’s data. We then ensure that your organization’s data has confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility.

We will collect user and group information and map a complete picture of the user account organization. We’ll also help you with privacy design when creating role-based permissions. CyberUnison will audit all access activity and help you detect suspicious behavior before any damage can be caused. We will analyze data from all perimeter devices to stop data exfiltration. All in all, with CyberUnison’s secure data solutions, you can rest assured about your data being protected and remediating security vulnerabilities.


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