Network Operations Centre (NOC)



As more and more people start using computers and the internet every day, the network and security complexities keep increasing. To manage all this network traffic and monitor it carefully companies and institutions use network operations centers. These centers act as the central hub of all these networks and provide an efficient way to monitor and secure the network.

Network operations centers are critical in managing an organization's assets.

Companies can either set up their own network operations centers, which can be extremely costly, or go with service providers like CyberUnison.

What is a Network Operations Center

A network operations Center is a place from where we can manage and monitor a network. The network can be anything ranging from a simple computer system to a global satellite.

Companies often use more than one network operations center to ensure high availability.

Everything that happens within a network can and will be monitored at the network operations center. Additionally, we are also able to maintain strict granular level control over which operations are allowed, and which are not, on individual end point devices, depending on our customers’ requirements and individual needs.

Whilst most people look at modern computer networks as 21st century technology, interestingly the world has been utilizing the services of network operations centers since the 1960s. With the introduction of modern network operations centers in 1972 by AT&T, the demand for network operations centers grew rather quickly. The early 2000s saw a huge demand for network operations centers as well as specialists that could man such facilities and carry out the necessary work required. Recent conditions indicate that the demand for network operations centers may grow even higher in the coming years.

Network Operations Centers Services

Data Backups

One of the biggest fears of any company is losing precious data. Every year, companies pay millions of dollars to gather data that can help them progress. Losing this data can be a catastrophic incident for the whole company. This is where data backups come in. No one likes losing their data. However, file corruption and data loss are not uncommon in the IT space.

Data loss can happen due to any reason and that makes it that much more critical. It is essential to back up the data in a network to ensure smooth operations. One of the functions of a network operations centers is to create managed backups so you can rest easy. The data backup systems at CyberUnison are some of the best you can get in the IT space.


Patching deployment is one of those tasks that may appear less critical or complicated but is extremely essential for any business’s ongoing operation. When not administered correctly, a simple patch deployment can prove devastating to either a single end point device, or even an entire network of devices. As a result of modern software architecture principals, the presence of defects and vulnerabilities within each application can change daily. Whilst software might have been perfectly functional at its time of release, it generally requires continuous updates and changes to avoid potentially catastrophic events within the applications occurring

Additionally, to stop an attacker or a virus from taking advantage of an issue, product providers often release patches to keep the systems updated. Patch management is a very complex process that involves testing the patches on an isolated system, applying the patches in batches, etc.

The network operations center takes care of patch management to keep your systems up to date and safe from vulnerabilities.

Network Support

One of the primary functions of a network operations center is to update or install new technologies on the whole network. There can be thousands of systems connected to a network, manually updating all these can be tiresome. A network operations center makes this process easier by performing the operations in bulk. network operations centers also troubleshoot issues in the network as well as maintain digital logs of all actions and procedures implemented. These logs, as well as several other reporting systems that a network operations center maintains, are crucial to anybody operating in or within proximity to a regulated industry.


Benefits of Having a Network Operations Center Service Providers

Save Time and Money

Network operations centers perform a lot of operations that would usually take hours or even days if performed manually in a matter of minutes. This saves a ton of time for your company leaving you to focus solely on your products. Implementing your own network operations centers can be exceptionally expensive since you may be required to purchase a substantial amount of equipment and additional software. By using a network operations center service providers like CyberUnison, you are able to save on dedicated resources and staff that can instead be used in other areas that may help grow your business.

Reduce Human Errors

Network operations centers use machine drive process automation to get a lot of menial work done thereby reducing any human error in the process.

Increased Network Stability

A network operations center ensures that the network always stays on-line. You can implement anything, such as a software update, over the entire network at once, without necessarily taking the network or its devices entirely offline. Using a network operations centers service provider like CyberUnison, eliminates unnecessary downtime and ensures that all systems within your network are operating as stably as they can be.


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